100 Tanka : 100 Poets

time and again
I leave the nursing home
through a locked gate
fearing the code that lets me out
will one day hold me in

Susan Constable - Canada
GUSTS, Vol 12, 2010; Take Five, Vol 3, 2011

breaking day old bread
at noon I rest with pale crumbs
and dark ants, waiting
for the bamboo garden broom
whose sshhh precedes the sweeper

R. Nemo Hill - USA
the Chinese, someone says,
have a word for
the day before yesterday...
my mother's hand on the edge
of Grandma's coffin

Tzetzka Ilieva - USA

In Camouflage
he tucks in Harry Potter
at his fairy tale
destination and departs
at Pentagon Station

S.M. Abeles - USA
Atlas Poetica Vol. 11 Spring 2012

lady’s slipper
one rare pink blossom
in June
my pregnant belly
finally shows

Christina Nguyen - USA
Atlas Poetica - 'From Lime Trees to Eucalypts' Special Feature, 2011; Take Five: Vol 4, 2012

cards face down
feign uniformity
turning them over
I expose the hand
I've been dealt

Mary E. Moore - USA
Modern English Tanka, Spring 2008.

a mattress
on a concrete floor
since I sold my bed
no-one comes to visit me
not even in my dreams

Brendan Slater - England
Ribbons 7:1; Take Five, 2012.

never thought
a life could grow to be
this unadorned,
my daily pot of oatmeal
steaming on the stove

Janet Lynn Davis - USA
Modern English Tanka, Autumn 2008; 
Take Five, 2009.

lifting me away
from the computer
to my kitchen window
the early morning honks
of canada geese

Alan Summers - England
Blithe Spirit 20:3, 2010.

if I could let go
of everything I cherish
the winds
would surely carry me
away like a feather

Kala Ramesh - India
Notes from the Gean- December 2011.


  1. Great choices so far. I look forward to seeing the rest. Thank you for putting together this project-- SMA

  2. These are wonderful. I especially like the ones by Susan Constable and Christina Nguyen.

  3. Great to see you back in the harness! Excellent choices! \o/